International Fund for Business Development (IFBD)

International Fund for Business Development

The International Fund for Business Development (IFBD) is an international non-governmental financial organization dedicated to developing economic conditions for small and medium-sized businesses in developing countries to achieve higher incomes and better living conditions.

  • Development of international business relations
  • Investment management
  • Development of business training programs
  • Development of international business standards

Welcome to the official website of the International Fund for Business Development (IFBD) – aт international organization dedicated to supporting and fostering business development worldwide. IFBD was established with the goal of stimulating sustainable economic growth, increasing employment levels, and promoting entrepreneurship development in various regions.

Our fund is focused on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative startups, and the development of business communities in countries with diverse levels of economic development. IFBD provides financial assistance, advisory support, and educational resources, contributing to the creation of a conducive environment for entrepreneurship.

Our programs cover a wide range of industries, including innovation, sustainable development, digital transformation, and corporate social responsibility. We aim to build long-term partnerships with businesses, government bodies, and international institutions to collaboratively implement projects that contribute to economic growth and enhance societal well-being.

Join us in our pursuit of building an innovative and sustainable future for business and society at large. Together, we can achieve more and inspire positive changes in the global economy.